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2017 Northern Conference Fairest and Best Results

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 2:37 PM

The 2017 Northern Conference Fairest and Best Vote Count was held on Monday 11th September at Seacrest Park. 

More than 300 people attended over the duration of the evening which celebrated football excellence in the Year 8 - Year 12 Northern Conference Competitions.

See below for those who took out awards:

Year 8 Gold

Runner Up: Jonathon Nilsson, Sorrento Duncraig

Winner: Campbell Henderson, Carine

Year 8 Blue

Runner Up: Jayden Tassell, Kingsley

Winner: Hayden Wallace, Kingsway

Year 8 Red

Runner Up: Byron Sherwood, Quinns

Winner: Jayden Crane, Wanneroo

Year 8 Maroon

Runner Up: Gus Sheldrick, Mosman Park

Winner: William Bailey, Mosman Park

Year 9 Blue

Runner Up: Jae Colley, Wanneroo

Winner: Saverio Marafioti, Edgewater Woodvale

Year 9 Red

Runner Up: Samuel Southern, Scarborough

Winner: Kendyll Blurton, Warwick Greenwood

Year 9 Maroon

Runner Up: Peter Coles, Kingsley

Winner: Cooper Blackburn, Whitford

Year 10 Red

Runners Up: Connor Hinchliffe (Ocean Ridge) & Eben Rasmussen (Carine)

Winner: Tommy Taylor-Shreeve, Wanneroo

Year 10 Maroon

Runner Up: Cameron Anderson, Wembley Downs

Winner: Benjamin Golding, North Beach

Year 11

Runner Up: Jaxon Bilchuris, Wanneroo

Winner: Jack McIntosh, North Beach

Year 12

Runner Up: Nicholas Carter, Whitford

Winner: Joshua Robbins, Scarborough


Full vote tallies will be sent out to all Clubs.