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The Preston Bridge Memorial match 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018 - 7:34 PM

The annual Preston Bridge Memorial match was held on the 27th May at   Luketina Reserve between Wembley Downs and Marist, clubs for whom   Preston both proudly represented. And while there will always be a   moment for quiet contemplation for a young life lost under such tragic   circumstances, this was not a day for silence. It was about speaking out.  About educating our young men and women of the real and present danger of drugs in our society. About making choices that could save or cost you your life.

Preston's father Rod, who tossed the coin at the Y9 match in memory of his son, has fought tirelessly since Preston's death in 2013 to make our children drug aware. He is absolutely a man to be listened to. Reach out to him if you believe he can help your club. This is a fixture where the result does matter but it is not measured in goals and behinds.

Vale Preston Bridge.