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Competition Administration

2024 Online forms for Metro North Junior Clubs 

Please note that the below forms may only be submitted by an authorised Club representative.

Coaches, Managers, players or parents should contact their Club Registrar who will complete the online form on their behalf.



All forfeits need to be notified prior to 5pm on Wednesday (for Friday fixtures) or 5pm Thursday (for Sunday fixtures).

Forfeit notifications that do not meet these deadlines will result in the forfeiting team charged for the cost of umpire payments.



Applications to change fixtures must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the original fixture date.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your request, however there are many factors that need to be taken into account including opposition team, umpire and oval availability. Please note that not all requests can be granted.



All concussions are to be reported via the online form no later than 5pm on Monday following the concussion. Please note that notifiable concussions may occur at training, games or outside of football.

All players with a reported concussion will be medically suspended until a relevant medical report allowing the player to return to training and matches is provided.



Players who are subjected to long term injuries may be eligible to play finals on application to the WAFC. A long term injury refers to an injury where the recovery period is six or more consecutive matches in length. A medical certificate at the time of injury is required as proof of long term injury. The final decision on whether a player is eligible to play in finals is at the sole discretion of the Metro North Competitions Team



Clubs are requested to follow the conflict resolution framework when dealing with game day issues (President to President). Please submit all game day incidents via the online form once a resolution has been found or if mediation/action from the WAFC Competitions team is required.

The use of the form makes for easier collaboration of information in one place to establish any patterns and common issues to be addressed.



Parents and players may want to take certain safety measures by wearing protective equipment. The WAFC must ensure that any protective equipment is suitable for football and that the safety of all participants is considered. To submit a request for a player to wear protective equipment, please completed the online link.



A form for Metro Junior Clubs to provide feedback to the Competitions Team and Umpiring Department on the performance of umpires in Metro Junior fixtures.
As a general guide, we encourage you to consider providing feedback like you would give to one of your players - ensuring it's positive and identifying areas for improvement.

Competition Administration Deadlines

  • Concussion Notification should be submitted before 5pm Monday afternoon.
  • Protective equipment requests must be submitted before 8am Thursday morning in order for assessment and processing for the weekend fixture.
  • Transfer requests must be submitted before 8am Friday morning in order to be processed for the weekend fixture.  
  • Fixture change requests outside of the three week notification period may not be processed.

If you require any further information regarding any of the above forms, please contact the Metro North Competitions Team -