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Nominations Open for the 2020 Volunteer of the Year Awards

Monday, July 20, 2020 - 10:00 AM

On Saturday 18th July, the Volunteer of the Year Awards were launched by Optus & the WA Football Commission. The Volunteer of the Year Awards provide a amazing opportunity to celebrate the fantastic work done by football volunteers all around the country and to recognise their incredible achievements & service to the game.

The WAFC, in conjunction with the AFL, will be presenting awards to volunteers in the following categories:

  • Optus WA Football Volunteer of the Year
  • Community Club Volunteer
  • NAB AFL Auskick Volunteer
  • AFL Diversity Ambassador
  • AFL Primary School Ambassador
  • AFL Secondary School Ambassador
  • AFL All Abilities Volunteer
  • Go for 2&5 AFL Junior Coach of the Year
  • Senior Coach of the Year
  • Community Umpiring Service (new in 2020)

The Optus WA Football Volunteer of the Year Award supported by The Sunday Times, is the major award. It is awarded to the volunteer deemed to have made the most outstanding overall contribution to WA Football. 

Last season, Rhys Mola (photographed) represented the Claremont District, as the District's Volunteer of the Year nominee. 

Rhys has been an incredibly hard working volunteer over of a number of years and was nominated for his role as Assistant Competition Director for the Claremont District, a role he held for two years after previously working in the West Perth District.

Rhys did a fantastic job ensuring every one enjoyed a great game day environment, he was constantly out on Friday nights & Sundays ensuring everyone is following the rules & making sure that junior football is a wonderful experience for all involved. He did a wonderful job in always being incredibly efficient in his work & responding to issues in a very quick and detailed manner. He was required to step in on multiple occasions to assist as Competition Director & has done an outstanding job in the way he conducts himself in such a professional manner.

As an Assistant Competition Director, he was fair and equitable in all decision making & has a vast amount of knowledge & expertise from been a junior umpire and umpires' manager in previous years. Rhys always put the enjoyment of participants first & always ensured he is making decisions with the advancement of junior football in mind. He was always open to work with volunteers & investigated issues in a very detailed manner.

Football clubs and schools across Western Australia are strongly encouraged to submit nominations and recognise their volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Nominations close on Friday August 28th.

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